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The GT-102 Complete Power Amplifier Kit

The GT-102 Complete Power Amplifier Assembled and Tested

Separate Power Amplifier Components

The PR-101 Stereo Preamplifier Kit

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Deposit on the EE-101 Stand-Alone Phono Preamp Kit (EE101D) - $125+$7 shipping (48 states)

EE-101 Stand Alone Phono Preamp front view

THE EE-101 is a stand-alone version of the PHONOZ phono section. It includes a regulated power supply, an internal toroidal power transformer, a fused IEC power entrance connection, and a volume control. Like the GT-102 power amplifier, it includes a steel wall between the power supply and signal processing sections to drive down the noise.

If LP's are your passion this takes the place of a full preamp. Just combine it with your power-amp, turntable (moving magnet cartridge), and speakers, for some of the best sound you'll ever hear. Because it has the PHONOZ phono section, you get:

It's available as a complete kit for $249 plus $20 shipping (48 states). You can buy stand-alone phono preamps starting at $20 and running all the way up to $10,000. My belief is that this combination of performance, price, and features hits a sweet spot. I'll confirm this in the usual way, by making the EE101 available for pre-order. If we get 25 pre-orders by December 25, then it's a go, for delivery before the end of winter 2018. As always, if there isn't enough interest, then everyone gets their pre-order payment returned.

Please note that the amount you'll see at checkout is $132, that's $125 toward the total price of $249, and $7 toward the $20 of shipping (48 states). That leaves a balance of $132 due before shipping.

EE-101 Enclosure Without Phono Preamp(EE101NP) - $175+$20 shipping (48 states)

EE-101 enclosure internal view

This item is just the EE101 enclosure and power supply, without the phono preamp, thus the ordering code EE101NP. Order it now, for delivery at the end of winter 2018. The same delivery conditions apply as for the EE101...we need to get enough orders to make this go by December 25. If there aren't enough orders, then all payments will be returned.

The EE101NP kit includes the complete enclosure, with volume control, two gold-plated RCA phono jacks, +/-12 V power supply, power entrance connector, line cord, and fuse. It's a complete platform to host the PHONOZ preamp, if you already have one. It's also a great looking base for your own projects. The enclosed picture shows the inside of the prototype. In the actual product, we've shrunk the power supply board a bit to make more room for the AC power wiring. We've also cleaned up the power entry hardware, so everything will look a bit smoother than what you currently see.

EE-101 Enclosure, Just the Mechanical Stuff (EE101MECH) - $110+$20 shipping (48 states)

EE-101MECH enclosure

This item is just the EE101 enclosure and a few of the connector bits that make it a great base for your projects. It includes:

It doesn't include the power supply, volume control, knob, or RCA jacks. The picture is shown partially assembled, but some assembly is required.

This product is on pre-order status. Order now for late winter 2018 delivery. If we don't get enough orders, then everyone will get their prepayments back in early January.

The GT-102 Stereo Power Amplifier Kit (GT-102K) - $314.00 plus $26.00 shipping (48 states)

GT-102 front view GT-102 back view GT-102 viewed from the top with the cover removed

The GT-102 is the successor to the popular GT-101. Compared to the GT-101, the GT-102 has a few refinements:

This is a complete, from the ground up, Stereo Power Amplifier Kit. Just add solder and your assembly skill to make the sweetest sound you'll ever build. For a more complete description visit the Akitika Website which features the GT-102. Like all our kits it comes with a great step-by-step manual. Unlike the updatemydnaco kits, you don't need any old hardware as a basis. Everything that you need to build a great sounding power amp, except the solder, comes in the kit. We will quote shipping options and costs for orders outside the 48 contiguous states.

Now you can buy the GT-102 Kit on Amazon

Just click this link. It brings you right to Amazon, and they'll process all your payment information. For technical support and to download manuals, just send email to or go to the GT-102 page.

The GT-102 Stereo Power Amplifier, Assembled and Tested (GT-102A) - $488.00 plus $26.00 shipping (48 states)

Some folks are looking for a great sounding power amp, but don't have either the time or the inclination to build it themselves. For those people, we're making available assembled and tested versions of the GT-102. Presently, we have assembled and tested units in stock for immediate shipment. Typically, these are built and tested to order. Allow two weeks from the time of your order until it is shipped. Need a custom configuration? Send us an email, and we'll send you a quote.

Volume Control Kit for the GT-102 Amplifier (VC102) - $9.95

volume control kit installed into a GT-102

Note that the volume control shown in the picture above is not included in the standard GT-102 kit.

Most times, the GT-102 is used with a preamplifier. However, a small but growing group are dedicating a GT-102 to a CD player. In many cases, the CD player doesn't have a volume control, so adding the volume control to the GT-101 makes great sense. This kit has a quality stereo volume control, shielded cable, and an attractive knob. Installing the kit requires you to drill a hole in the front panel of your GT-102. Here's the Installation Manual for the volume control kit.

Gold Plated Input Connectors - $5.50

gold plated input connector shown on a GT-101 gold plated input connector closeup

Note that the gold-plated input conectors shown in the picture above are now included in the standard GT-101 kit.

We offer gold-plated input jacks here in the Akitika store in case:

These connectors are gold plated. In addition, they have a handy hex on both sides. This makes it easy to tighten the connector in place. It also comes with insulating washers. If you replace the stock input connectors from an older GT-101 with this item, you should also swap out the stock insulating washers that come with the GT-101.

Your order contains two gold-plated chassis-mount RCA input connectors, one with a red id band (right channel) and the other with a black band (left channel). Both hexes use a 12 mm wrench for tightening. Of course, pliers will work in a pinch. The ground lug has an elongated hole that accommodates more than one wire, which is always useful. This is a great price for a great connector, and the hex feature makes assembly a breeze!

Separate Power Amplifier Components

Selling separate components began when a customer wanted to build a seven channel amplifier. He bought 7 amplifier modules, 3 power supply regulators, and 3 power transformers. The light-bulb over my head went on...Maybe lots of other DIY'ers would like to build special amp configurations in their own custom enclosures. By offering the modules and parts, everyone wins.

Assembly directions and schematics for the components may be found in the appropriate subsections of the GT-101 Assembly manual.

Single Channel Amplifier Module Kit (AMP101) - $49.00

one channel kit of parts Completed Amplifier Module

The kit includes circuit boards and parts to build a stand-alone amplifier module.It even includes thermal grease and mounting hardware, but it does not include a power supply, solder, or heat sinks. The recommended power supply voltage is a single 72 Volt DC supply. With a regulated 72 volt supply, the AMP01 delivers more than 50 Watts into an 8 Ohm load and nearly double that amount into 4 Ohms.

This is the same amplifier module used in the GT-101 Power Amplifier. It features top quality components FR4 circuit board, a huge 10,000 uF output capacitor, 1% and 0.1% metal film resistors,with film and COG capacitors in the signal paths.

This is a'll get the parts and the PCB. You must assemble it to get the completed module pictured above!

Assembly directions and schematics for the components may be found in the appropriate subsections of the GT-101 Assembly manual.

Power Supply Regulator Kit (PSR101)- $59.00

power supply regulator Printed Circuit Board power supply regulator Parts in a soup bowl

This linear regulator produces 72 Volts of quiet, clean, well regulated DC at 3.5 Amps DC, with more current available on a transient basis. All it needs is an appropriate transformer like the XFMR101 and a heatsink. The bridge, input, and output filter caps are all built in. Built-in safety features include a slow-start and current limiting fold-back that still allows high transient currents. Experts can void the warranty and modify the circuit to change the output voltage and current. The less adventurous can use it just like it is, and get great results.

This is the power supply module from the GT-101. It features top quality components FR4 circuit board, 1% and 0.1% metal film resistors for precise output voltage, and a big, beefy mosfet as the pass element in the regulator. It even includes heat sink compound, mounting brackets, and hardware. (Soup bowl not included).

Assembly directions and schematics for the components may be found in the appropriate subsections of the GT-101 Assembly manual.

Deep Finned Heatsink (HS101) - $20.00

heatsink front view heatsink top view heatsink back view

This large heatsink comes pre-drilled with 6-32 holes to accept either the AMP101 or a PSR101 module. It also has 6-32 mounting holes in the bottom that accept 6-32x3/8" screws to allow easy mounting on a chassis. The heatsink dimensions are 5.375"x 3.5" x 1.38". The distance between the bottom flange mounting holes is 3.875". This heatsinks is used in the GT-101.

230 VA 120/240 Volts Power Transformer (XFMR101) - $49.00

This beefy toroidal transformer, made by Avel Lindberg (part number Y236602) comes with mounting hardware. Its dual primaries can be wired for either 120V or 240V operation. It has two secondaries, making it suitable for single output or split supplies. With both secondaries in series, it produces about 106 VDC into a lightly loaded bridge rectifier arrangement. In a split supply it produces (lightly loaded) about +/-53 Volts. Avel Lindberg quotes the secondaries as 35-0-35 Volts RMS.

There are 5 ways to order a PR-101 Preamplifier

PR-101 preamps are IN STOCK!

In case you missed it, there's a lot more information about the preamp here.

The five ways that you can order a PR-101 Preamplifier are shown here. In the next section, you'll see more great things to add, like gold-plated input jacks, a phono section, or a headphone amp.

PR-101 Stereo Preamplifier Remote Control PR-101 Stereo Preamplifier front view

PR101 Preamplifier Kit with No Remote Control (PR101NR) $373 plus $26 shipping (48 states)

When you click the button above and check-out, you'll order the PR-101 Preamplifier kit which doesn't include the remote control or motor pots for volume and balance.

PR101 Preamplifier Kit with remote control (PR101) $450 plus $26 shipping (48 states)

When you click the button above and check-out, you'll order the original, classic PR-101 Preamplifier kit that includes the remote control. Select your source, change the volume and balance, switch the tone/volume controls in or out, mute the sound, control which amp (A or B) is driven, all without leaving your listening spot.

Half-Built PR101 Preamplifier Kit with Remote Control (PR101HB) $550 plus $26 shipping (48 states)

When you click the button above and check-out, you'll order the half-built version of the PR-101 Preamplifier kit.

The Half-Built version of the kit comes with the input selector and controller boards built, tested, and installed. This greatly reduces both the time and complexity of assembly. You build the power supply and tone/volume board and complete the balance of the mechanical and electrical assembly.

PR101 Preamplifier in Assembled and Tested Form (PR101AT) $650 plus $26 shipping (48 states)

Order the classic PR-101 Preamplifier with remote control, in assembled and tested form. It's ready to go as the control center for your music reproduction center. No assembly necessary! Please note that the PR101AT is built and tested when you order it. That's the time to add things like gold plated input jacks, a phono section, or a headphone amp. There are additional assembly charges to add assembled and tested phono sections or headphone amps to your PR101. Send me an email if you'd like a custom quote. Once your order is placed, you'll receive an email with the build schedule.

PR101 Preamplifier in Assembled, Tested, and Customized: Email for custom quotation

If you don't see the variation your looking for, send me an email for a custom quote. You could order something like a complete, assembled and tested PR101 with a remote control, gold-plated input jacks, a phono section, and a headphone amp. Whatever variation you need, just ask me, and I'll send you a quote.

Gold Plated RCA Jacks for the PR-101 (GP101J) - $20.00

PR-101 Gold plated RCA Input Jacks

The stock preamp does not have gold plated input jacks. The stock jacks are perfectly fine, but the upgrade to gold plating can be just the thing to put a smile on your face. Will you hear the difference? I couldn't say, but sometimes seeing the difference is its own reward.

Phono Preamplifier Kit (PHONOZ) for the PR101 - $74.00

Assembled PHONOZ Phono Preamp

We have phono preamp kits in stock for you to order. The cost, at $74 plus $6 shipping (lower 48 states) is so low you'll wonder how we can make it this great! Remember though, it's a kit. You supply the labor, I supply the parts, the great circuit and PCB design. The combination gets you an unbeatable combination of sound and value. Order yours now...You'll enjoy building it and you'll love the sound.

By the way, so long as you have a source of clean +/-12V to +/-15V DC, you can buy this kit and put it into any of your DIY audio projects. Yes, it fits perfectly into a PR101, but I'm sure you'll find a lot of other places to put this great sounding phono preamp!

In case you missed it, there's a lot more information about the phono preamp section here.

Headphone Amp Kit for the PR101 (HPK) - $49.00

Grado Headphones

The Headphone Amp for the PR-101 is in stock and ready to order. It fits under the tone/volume PCB, leaving the option slots free for more new projects!

You can find more information here.

Triple Output Regulated Power Supply Kit (TORPS) $77.00

Triple Output Regulated Power Supply

Mounting hardware for power transformer is included, but not shown

This is the power supply used in the PR-101. It has +12V, -12V, and +5V low noise, linear regulated outputs. It can be wired for 120 V or 240 Volt operation. It comes complete with the PCB, parts, heat sinks, and a UL listed, low noise toroidal power transformer and associated mounting hardware. Great sound rests on a foundation of clean, quiet, and well regulated power. Use this power supply as the foundation of all your projects.

Specifications (unless otherwise stated, all specs are at 27 C)

1 kHz Oscillator with Just 2PPM Distortion (1KHZ2PPM) - $79.00

1 kHz 2 PPM oscillator with enclosure 1 kHz 2 PPM oscillator PCB and components

This oscillator has state of the art distortion performance, about 30 times lower than the less expensive 1 kHz oscillator shown above. This distortion is better than the best A2D's, D2A's, and sound cards. Typically, getting distortion this low would could at least $1000.

How do we do it? Well, start with a really careful layout. Make sure you groom where all the nonlinear currents go. Bypass the power supplies well. Use only the highest performing op-amps. Use a high selectivity topology with low distortion. Top it off with the oldest trick in the incandescent lamp used to provide the perfect balance of positive and negative feedback and LOW distortion! The only way you can get lower distortion is with an Audio Precision oscillator. The only way to measure the distortion is on an Audio Precision Distortion Analyzer in FFT Residual mode.

It has stereo RCA outputs and a level control. It also runs from a pair of 9V batteries (not supplied), and has an LED power light. The specs:

Download the assembly manual.

We Ship to the United States and International Destinations

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In the lower 48 states, we typically use USPS priority mail or first class mail for small packages. Larger packages, like the GT-101, are shipped using UPS ground.

International Shipping

Small packages, under 4 pounds in total weight, ship by First Class International Mail. Larger packages go by Priority Mail International, which takes 6-10 business days. Extra charges are typically involved in international shipments. Our international customers are responsible for paying any applicable duties on their shipments.

Attention International Customers!

The Customs Forms require your phone number! Please send your phone number in an email to along with your order.

We will contact you and work out the additional charges that may be required for international shipping.

International Shipping Deltas

International Shipping Delta

There are so many options for international shipping that we handle it on a case by case basis. If you're an international customer, we'll calculate if there is a required delta in shipping cost above domestic (United States) rates. You can pay that delta by selecting the correct value from the above International Shipping Delta pull-down menu, then click the the "add-to-cart" button. If you prefer, we can also invoice you separately for the delta in cost for international shipping.

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