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About Akitika

Akitika LLC has been enabling better sound since 2010. We began with the Updatemydynaco line of of products that make Dynaco's Stereo 120 and PAT-4 sound better than new. Then we introduced the GT-101, a Complete Stereo Amplifier kit that puts out more than 50 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms, and nearly twice that into 4 Ohms. Most recently, we're shipping the PR-101 Preamp. It's a complete preamp kit with a remote control for volume, balance, and input selection. And now, we've introduced the GT-102, a power amp with a central wall, and an incredible signal-to-noise ratio.

We're committed to the idea that great sound doesn't have to cost a lot. We're excited about the way kits give everyone the opportunity to understand the magic behind the music. It's amazing to see how physics and math help us realize our artistic ambitions.

Meet the Manager

I'm Dan Joffe, the Manager of Akitika LLC, responsible for designing the products and coordinating the efforts of the talented team of contractors that make Akitika's products possible. My "day job", which I enjoy tremendously, is doing high resolution electronic design for communications systems. At last count, I have 46 US Patents. I'm also an avid amateur musician, which explains both the picture below and my interests in all things audible.

Daniel Joffe, Manager of Akitika LLC

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