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1 kHz Oscillator

1 kHz oscillator kit with enclosure

A Great First Kit

This kit generates a low distortion 1 kHz sine wave that's handy for signal tracing and distortion testing. You hook it up to the equipment under test and get a sound that's easy to hear on speakers and easy to recognize on an oscilloscope. The sine wave's very pure sound makes it easy to recognize distortion even without instruments.

It has stereo RCA outputs and a level control. It runs from a pair of 9V batteries (not supplied), and has an LED power light. The specs:

It's also a simple to build kit, so it's a great introduction to kit building. It has just one circuit board, a dual op-amp, and a small pile of precision passive parts. There are two versions of the kit available:

Batteries not included (requires 2 9V batteries).

Assembly Manual

The Assembly Manual tells you all you need to know to build the kit. It also has a theory of operation section for those who want to dig deeper.

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